As a buyer of machinery, you know that proper handling of your assets is crucial. You have spent a lot of money to buy a piece of equipment, and you need it in your factory in perfect operating condition as soon as possible. At any auction sale, many riggers eager for your business will accost you. A good auctioneer will work hard to protect their buyers from the wrong riggers. Accidents can and do happen to the best of them. But, by following these simple guidelines, you should receive your machine on time and intact.

Does the rigger have adequate insurance to cover your machinery in case of accident?

Insurance with a huge deductible is usually worthless to you as a guarantee against loss. Most auction companies require proof of insurance before they allow riggers to solicit work. Ask your prospective rigger for a certificate of insurance and make sure that insurance covers your machine from start to finish. Your auctioneer should also have a copy of their insurance on file.


Is it okay to accept the lowest bid from available riggers?

Do not expect to save money on your rigger. Hiring a good machinery mover may cost more. It does not make sense to spend thousands of dollars on valuable machinery and then take a chance on the wrong rigger to save a couple hundred dollars. Inexperienced movers appear at auction sales and aggressively seek business offering low bids. Be careful! It makes sense to take the time to get a few bids on a moving job.


How does a rigger work with a carrier?

If you are not using your own truck, ask the rigger what carrier he will use. He may have his own truck or hire another firm to do your job. Either way, make sure the trucker is properly insured and licensed. Accidents after loading are not unheard of. Ask your rigger to have your machinery tarped. It doesn't take a lot of rain or snow to cause rust. CNC machinery should be hauled only on air ride trailers; delicate controls can be badly damaged by the constant vibrations of a rough ride.


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