BW Contractors, Inc. is the creation of Bret and Steve Wrage.

Born and raised in the Cedar Falls/Janesville area, the brothers were raised under the strict work ethic of their father Marvin.

After graduation they went to work installing grain-handling equipment both locally and statewide and moved on to installation of larger industrial-type equipment. It was during this time that they got their knowledge and love of machinery moving and knew immediately that they had found their “nitch.”

In 1992 they began business as BW Contractors, Inc. with one 5,000# tow motor forklift and have spent the last 17 years adding to that collection and expanding their business. They now own numerous forklifts including the 80,000# Rigger Special, 52,000# Taylor and the 40,000# Royal, semis, trailers, and support equipment that has opened doors to bigger and more challenging projects.

Bret says that the challenges he faces every day are striving to meet customer expectations and time frames. Making sure the equipment and crew fit the unique applications that accompany every machine move keeps him on his feet.

“I try to meet every potential client and give them the input it takes to make sure his/her relocation, bridge crane or new machine is handled in the most cost efficient, safe manner possible.” “When I’m not on the road, I spend a lot of time on my computer inputting the data that will eventually become a proposal. Every job is unique which is what makes this work so interesting.” “We have learned

how to maximize our own flexibility to achieve your goal of minimizing downtime, and to serve all of your changing move requirements.” “We understand the complexities of machinery moving and rigging, plant relocation and cost of down time. That is why we treat every project as if it were our own. We will adapt to meet your specific needs, but most importantly, will work with you and your personnel to satisfy needs in a safe, competitive and responsive manner.”

Steve, on the other hand, feels that finding the talented and motivated individual that it takes to become a part of the team is a challenge all it’s own. “This work isn’t for everybody and it takes a special kind of person to be able to blend with the crew and become a part of the team.” Safety is a major concern with this

work. “We spend as much time as possible reviewing safety issues, watching safety videos and just training on the lifts.” “We consider machinery moving and installation an art.” He also oversees all maintenance on equipment to ensure the forklifts and semis are always ready when it’s time to roll out on a job.”Maintenance is a must in this line of work. Maintaining our own fleet of transport equipment is essential for quick response and on time performance.”

In 2004, BW Contractors, Inc. went through a major expansion when they added a 60’ x 140’ heated building and 30’ x 40’ office and training center, all made possible by Black Hawk Economic Development. Storage of excess or new equipment had been an issue after receiving many requests from customers for just this type of service. This expansion allowed them to meet the needs of their customers with long or short-term storage. This service also allows their clients the ease of scheduling and receiving this equipment in a more controlled manner.

Additional services were added and include Protective Matting Systems which offers temporary flooring and portable access roadways. These unique mats provide support base, ground protection and access over soft surfaces. Using the matting system allows heavy work equipment into the job site while protecting the ground and your turf. They will be offering sales or rentals.

Protect It of Iowa offers portable shrink wrap services throughout the Midwest. Shrink wrap protects machines that need to be stored outside, transported and when the items will be in long-term storage. We use top of the line plastic and tape to ensure the machines arrive fully intact. 

BW Contractors, Inc. has been a proud member of the Specialized Carrier & Riggers Association since 1996.

Bret and Steve both agree that when the phone rings, you just never know what the job will entail. From suspending a P 51 Mustang fighter plane from the ceiling in a museum; putting a 500 gal fish tank in a home or installing a multi-million dollar machine in a manufacturing facility, every job has its own set of challenges.

As long time residents and business owners in the Cedar Valley, they realize the importance of “going that extra mile” to achieve customer satisfaction every time they work in a facility. From single machine moves to entire plant relocation, their people treat every customer with the same focus on detail that has given them a respected name in the community. Being a leader in our industry, means being a partner in yours.


Our Mission

Proper handling of your assets is crucial. Making sure your project is handled in the most cost-effective manner, with the proper equipment and personnel is what we strive to accomplish every time the crews leave the shop.


Our Commitment

At BW Contractors, Inc. we are committed to providing our clients with the high quality, professional service they have come to expect. You can rest assured your machinery will be moved in a safe and timely manner. Our experienced crew is fully insured with excellent references.


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